Iron Fence

Iron fence, if you want to defined it specifically, there are many choices that you can choose, such as welded mesh fence, security fence, temporary fence, etc. In this essay, I would like to main introducing security fences which is included in iron fence family.

This kind of iron fence includes multiple laterally spaced fence posts extending upwardly from ground anchored lower end portions at an actuate inclination of approximately 50 to 65. The fence terminates in an upper terminal end portion vertically above the ground and laterally offset from the lower portion of the fence to preclude direct physical access to the upper terminal end portion. It’s horizontal space and vertical space is not like most common mesh size, this means it much smaller than commons. Why it can be designed by this way?

Firstly, let us consider about it’s function. Prison area can be an example to support this design. As we all know, fence which is located in prison area, it’s defense function should not be ignored by us. Secondly, in some foreign areas, iron fence also be install around school by people. In the foreign culture, people believe children are the future of the state. Thus, they have to be to pay more attention by government. How to provide a safe environment to them becomes one of the most important thing to local government. Therefore, using security fences to protect school’s safety can be one of the most useful method whether or not for students or teacher.

In sum of, iron fences are spread in many areas during people’s life. In this essay, I just talk about one of iron fence series. In the following articles, I will introduce other series about iron fences. And please let me know what series do you interested in.

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