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In order to make metal fencing more effective and economic, most of the metal fencing panels was produced as a mesh fencing panel. There are two main types of mesh fencing panels – 1) welded mesh panel / 2) woven mesh panel. Today we are going to introduce these two types of panels.

First, welded mesh fencing panels is the most wildly used in the world. The production process is to draw the low carbon material to requested thickness. Straight up the wire to be straight and put them in the automatic welding machine. The machine will start welding automatically. After the low carbon wire has been welded to panel, then we need to do the last surface finishing in the end.

In Skyhall Fence products list, there are five different types of welded mesh fence panels. 110 series – welded mesh fencing panel, 120 series – euro mesh fencing panels, 130 series – BRC mesh fencing panels, 140 series – double wire mesh fencing panels and 150 series – 358 high security mesh fencing panels. Each types of welded mesh fencing panels has its own feature.

Another type of mesh fencing panel is woven type mesh fence panels. Most popular one is 210 series – chain link mesh fence panels and 230 field mesh fencing panels. Because of its connection of wires are woven or twist, it brings the feature of packed in roll. The material of woven type mesh fencing panels are normally same as the welded mesh fencing panels, they are all low carbon steel wire. However, because of its twist connection of wires, woven mesh fencing panels can only make the surface treatment of the material before woven, or the wire in the connection point will be sticky together if we do treatment after the production.

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