Metal Safety Barrier

Metal safety barrier was produced out in beginning of 20 century, before that the barrier is made of wooden, as the industrial innovation, more and more wooden barrier was instead of metal barrier. Especially during the second word war. Which use huge qty of barbed wire as metal safety barrier.

As time going, there is more and more metal safety barrier come to people`s life, you can find it every where now, like school, play court, highway, airport….  As per usage, the metal safety barrier is divided to many types, there is some popular type as below:

  1. Metal safety barrier for Common usage.

This kind of barrier is used for decoration more than safety. Which is most made of art iron barrier, to make beautiful structure and wonderful color, but the cost is very high, so only used in some high request place, like school, garden, park.

  1. Metal safety barrier for industrial usage.

As the low cost and easier installation, more and more factory use metal safety barrier

instead of brick wall, there is three request of such metal safety barrier, which should be strong enough, low cost and high ability against rust. The most popular barrier is chain link fence, chain link fence is cheap enough but very strong, meanwhile, the high zinc coating or PVC coated could make it have strong ability against rust. And there is no need to do a lot of maintenance work after install it.

  1. Metal safety barrier for security purpose .

Metal safety barrier is popular in railway, highway, river protection, airport, which is biggest usage of metal safety barrier. The most popular type is welded mesh barrier, which have a lot of special design, like 358 security fence, airport fence. The 358 security fence along the concertina razor wire is a perfect match for security purpose.

Skyhall fence can manufacture all type of metal safety barrier, as your request, awaiting for your inquiry.


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