Introduction of Metal Security Fencing

Metal security fencing also called palisade fencing. Its a kind of very popular fencing in UK market. If you go to UK, you will find a lot of metal security fencing on the street or in industry zone.

Metal security fencing is consist of metal pales, horizontal rails, IPE post, fish plate and anti-theft bolts and nuts.

There are two normal types of pales, we call it W profile and D profile because of its cutting shape looks like a word “W” or “D”. The thickness of metal security fencing is usually in the range of 1.5mm~3.0mm. Regarding the thickness, 2.0mm and 2.5mm is the most common choice for metal security fencing. There are also different choices of the pale top: triple pointed, single pointed, round top and square top.

Regarding the horizontal rails, the most common one is angle steel material. Size can bot 50mm*50mm, 45mm*45mm, 40mm*40mm. The width of the metal security fencing lie one the length of the horizontal rails. In the British standard BS-1722-12, it shows the standard width of palisade metal security fencing should be 2.75m, which means the length of the horizontal rails should be 2.71m. The spacing between two pales also is designed, normally is 152.5mm for the pale spacing and 17 pales for per set of metal security fencing, which means need to punch 17 M8 holes on the horizontal rails of the metal security fencing.

IPE post also called I post because of its “I” shape section. Normally punched a sharp top pointed. The function of fish plate is for connection the horizontal rails with the post with M12 anti-theft bolts and nuts. M8 anti-theft bolts and nuts is for connection the pales on the horizontal rails. Hot dipped galvanized or galvanized + powder coated is a good choice for palisade metal security fencing.

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