Military Fence

Fences are common in our lives. Various types of fence can be found in homes, factories, public facilities and military base. Ordinary household fence are generally cheap and beautiful in design. Furthermore, material and durability requirements are not very strict. But for public facilities and military fence, usually require durability and high protection. Here we focus on the military fence.

The military fence is mainly made up of welded wire meshes, posts and barbed wire. The mesh is usually welded into rectangular holes with several bends. The mesh size includes 100mm*50mm, 150mm*50mm and 200mm*50mm. Also can be customized as required. The width is generally 2500mm and the height is 2400mm, 2700mm or 3000mm. Most of the military fence used square post, which can be fixed by burying or screws.

The V type post can be put on mesh or not then install the barbed wire or razor barbed wire to strengthen protection. The barbed wire and Razor wire strike terror into the hearts of criminals and prevent climb. When installing the barbed wire and razor wire on military fence, you should be very careful. It is important to wear the labor protection gloves. The barb is very sharp, there is need to ask two people to install together for avoiding rebound.The blades of razor wire of Military fence are also available in many models, mostly BTO-22 and CBT-65. Both of them are with different blade shape. The BTO-22 blade is small and short but the CBT-65 blade is large and long. Raw materials are also available in stainless steel plate and hot dipped galvanized plate.

The surface treatment of Military fence is also very important. Generally choose hot dipped galvanized in advance then PVC coated. This is not only durable, but also more aesthetically pleasing.

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