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Gabion Mattress

Jul. 16, 2020


Gabion mattress consist hexagonal mesh, partition, lacing wire or C ring. Comparing with normal gabion box, gabion mattress looks shorter but main production process are same. The only difference is on the height.

Gabion mattress normally are woven from galvanized wire, galfan wire or organic coated wire like PVC coated or PE coated. There are two common twisted type during woven, 3 loop twisted and 5 loop twisted. Usually there are three type of wire for gabion mattress, inner wire, edge wire and lacing wire. Inner wire is the main wire material to form the gabion mattress. Edge wire is only used on the edge of the gabion box. Lacing wire is the connection material for connect those hexagonal panels. Normally the wire diameter for edge wire is the biggest in the three type of wires and lacing wire is the smallest. Diameter 3.4mm (edge wire) / 2.7mm (inner wire) / 2.2mm (lacing wire) is the most popular design. The mesh size of hexagonal mesh has to measure the inner mesh. 120mm* 100mm / 100mm * 80mm / 80mm * 60mm are all popular mesh size design in global market. The size of gabion mattress are usually big size 6m * 4m or even bigger, so the partition is necessary to be set up in the mattress.

 Gabion Mattress

Regarding tolerance and reference, for wire diameter, our gabion mattress strictly followed European Standard EN-10218-2. About zinc or zinc alloyed coating level, we will follow EN-10244-2. Gabion fabrication comply to EN-10223-3. The tolerance of mesh size usually will be much bigger than other type of fence, because the fabricating process is woven not welding.


Skyhall Fence is a company professionally do wire mesh and gabion mattress manufacture and exporting business with many years experience. If you need any help on gabion mattress price or technical data, please dont hesitate to contact us.

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