Ornamental Fence

Ornamental fence is a popular design for environment decoration, Some people call it Art fence or art iron fence on market, Most of the Ornamental fence is made by steel pipe or steel bar for a long usage life.

Ornamental fence is become from wooden decorative fence, people make art drawing and art shape on wood, then make it colored. The wooden Ornamental fence have a strict request on material, normal wood can not use for a long time, which should be very hard wooden, so the wooden Ornamental fence cost is very high, and only some rich people use it. As the steel production and technical getting more and more developed, people use steel for Ornamental fence, so the cost could be much lower and usage life get much longer than wood material. And it becomes much stronger.

Ornamental fence could be any shape as per designer`s request, for some difficult shape, people use forging material or casting material, which along the fence have all beautiful shape as people want. As steel product have no ability against rust, so the steel Ornamental fence should be well protect on surface against rust, normally, people do galvanization on Ornamental fence, and make powder coating after galvanization, to make the fence colored. Meanwhile, painting is also popular for corrosion protect,  and skilled worker could make a lot of beautiful drawing on Ornamental fence.

As the Ornamental fence is more beautiful and stronger than normal wire fencing, but this price is much higher than normal fence, To save cost, people use mould for some common shape, which allow the production less time and works, so the cost could be much reduced. And ensure the final price acceptable to everyone.

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