Perimeter Fence Panel

Talking about perimeter fence panel, I would like to share with you one of the most representative items that it is commonly used in the global market, welded mesh panel. These panels are pre-hot dipped galvanized (normal zinc content 40-60g/m2) before welding and offer good protection against the elements and rust. And also, they are all available from stock and offer an economical option. After welding, it will be moved to the next step that it is making bending. Bending usually includes two sizes, 100mm and 200mm, and there also exist some spikes with 30mm on the top. The last step for the perimeter fence panel is going to do surface treatment, such as polyester powder coating which makes panels have a good appearance, there are several RAL colors to choose, like the color black, green, red, etc. are very popular choices.

Besides the producing process that I mentioned above, there is also another processing method can be chosen for the perimeter fence panel that it is heavy duty galvanized. Comparing with the above way, this has a higher requirement for zinc content (about 200g/m2). Perimeter fence panels are galvanized after welding, which ensures that there is no risk of the galvanization being worn off during the welding process or leaving exposed welds themselves – no area is unprotected. The thickness of the protective coating is over double that of our standard range. These panels are ideal for use as long term fencing, if the panels are exposed frequently to the elements, or if they are in contact with the ground. Their surface shows attractive silver without any particular surface treatments.

In sum of, perimeter fence panel includes numerous products’ classification that I did not illustrate here. If you have any more curiosity or demands, please email us ( or visit our web site. Hebei Skyhall Metal Fence Co., Ltd are your best choice.


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