Perimeter Fence

Perimeter fence is a collective name, for the moment, Skyhall fence can be able to produce 110 series welded mesh fence, 120 series euro fence, 130 series BRC Fence, 140 double wire fence, 150 series anti-climb fence, 210 series chain link fence, 220 series gabion box, 230 series field fence, 310 series barbed wire, 320 series razor barbed wire, 520 series palisade fence, 720 series temporary fence and 910 series airport fence. Perimeter fence has different uses for different projects. Overall specking, it falls into two categories, one is welded products, the other is woven products. Widely used as fences or protection materials in airport, residence area, sea ports, garden, feeding and husbandry.

Perimeter fences are made of low carton steel wire through welding and weaving. In regarding to the surface treatment, the forms of corrosion resistance include PVC coating or spraying, the color is followed the RAL K7 CLASSIC. All of fences are made of panel, post, clamp, bolts and nuts. In order to save time and convenient loading and unloading, the Skyhall fence's packaging method is pallet and plastic film. Skyhall fence is a company professionally do wire mesh fencing manufacture and exporting. From purchasing raw material to finished the products, Skyhall fence will test each step to ensure that the products meet customer requirements and quality requirements, each perimeter fence is with their own design drawings. Before loading, we will install the whole fence to confirm that the clamp fixed firmness and whether posts match. Frankly speaking, perimeter fence is a variety of series of fences collectively. Even tough each kind of fence have the similar part; they have their own characteristics. And they are popular in the global. We have finished many projects of government and military.

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