Perimeter Fencing System

Perimeter fencing system is a general solution if you need to protect your property or need to secure an area. Usually perimeter fencing system is combined wire mesh panel or steel profile and post by accessories. Welded mesh fence system, woven type mesh fence system, concertina razor wire, barbed wire, picket fence and palisade fence are some popular perimeter fencing system in the global market.

Welded mesh fence is the best selling type in perimeter fencing system. Simple design with low cost make it became to popular fencing system for garden, road side, residential, etc. The installation of welded mesh fence system is easy, only need some basic tools to fasten bolt & nut one clamp to lock the panel and post. Also there is a type of post called self lock post system, even no need any tools or accessories for installation.

Anther important type of perimeter fencing system is woven type mesh fencing. The mesh is woven by horizontal wire and vertical wire, usually packed in roll. When installing the mesh just need to open the roll. Installation method is similar with welded type.

Concertina razor wire and barbed wire is not typical fence panel. These two is security wire system packed in coil. Constructors extend it and make them become a security wall after extension. These two type of security wire is easily seen in high security level area like airport, prison or military zone.

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