Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter meter fencing is one of the most widely used fencing in the world. If walk in the city, it will be very easily to see the perimeter fencing on parking area, residential area, shopping mall, etc. It’s almost the most hot sale fencing products in global market.

Perimeter fencing is a kind of fence system includes welded mesh panel, steel hollow sections and accessories. The panel usually is welded from low carbon steel wire by automatic mesh welding machine, then with several bending on horizontal direction of the panel to increase its strength. Usually we will keep a 30mm spike on the top to increase its security level, in case any body climb over the panel. Regarding post system, mostly 60mm * 60mm square post or 80mm * 60mm RHS post will be more popular. With a metal clamp system or plastic clamp system to connect the post and panel. Rain cap will be set up on the top of the post to prevent water go inside of the post. In order to make the fence system more decorative on design, we are able to coated it with polyester powder, all colors in Ral color system will be available.

The production process and inspection process of the perimeter fencing from Hebei Skyhall Metal Fence co., ltd will be strictly comply with European Standard. Wire diameter tolerance will be followed European standard EN-10218-2. Zinc coating level followed EN-10244-2. And welding process quality followed EN-10223-4 or EN-10223-7. The wire material for welded mesh has to be low carbon steel wire, which we need it to be soft with low tensile strength. Sometimes it’s the lower the better not higher the better. Only low tensile strength steel wire will be welded with a very strong welding strength. High tensile wire will not achieve such good quality in welding.


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