Perimeter Security Fencing

Perimeter security fencing is a type of welded mesh fence. The panel normally made of low carbon steel wire material. Welded with automatically welding machine with mesh size 200mm * 50mm. Also other mesh size is available but 200mm * 50mm is the most popular one. Perimeter security fence can have different design on panels. It can have a triangle bending on horizontal side which will be the Skyhall 110 series welded mesh fence. It also can roll the top and bottom, which will be the Skyhall 130 series BRC type fence. To add double horizontal wire on the panel is also available, which will be 140 series double wire fence. If change the mesh size to 76.2mm * 12.7mm, that will be 150 series high security fence system. Regarding the welding strength of the fence panel, Skyhall’s production will strictly comply with European standard EN-10223-7. Welding strength will be more than 50% of the material tensile strength. If buyer need our perimeter security fence comply with other standard such as ASTM, BS or AS, it will also available.

The post for perimeter fence usually to be square hollow section 60mm * 60mm * 2.0mm. There are two method for installation of the fence post. Option one is to bury the post under the ground for more than 500mm, or we can also make a flange plate fully welded on the bottom of fence post, fasten the flange plate on the ground with anchor bolt.

In order to increase the life time of perimeter security fence, we will have to process of surface treatment. First we need to give zinc or Zn / Al layer on the material through galvanization, then will put it in the polyester powder line to make powder coating. All colors in Ral system are available for perimeter security fencing.

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