Prison Mesh Fencing

There is a growing trend nationwide to install high voltage electric fencing system around the perimeters of correctional institution. These prison mesh fencing system typically operates at high, often lethal, levels of electric current. Everything likes a coin with two sides, while there are a few benefits, and also there is significant potential for serious or deadly indiscriminate, it is inhumane.

In addition, many Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) use micro-phonic sensors mounted on fences to detect intruder attacks, which work on jail delivery. Of course, this intrude situation is notoriously difficult to happen. Vibrations in the fence are detected and analyzed to see if they represent an intrusion attempt. It is important that the output from the sensors is linear along the fence, to ensure that there is no point on the perimeter less sensitive to intruder attack.

Now, date back to introduce prison mesh fencing. It is usually with smaller mesh size than other fences. It is reasonable to say that the purpose of it is to avoid prisoner climb fence and jump out. Sometimes, razor wire will be set up on the top of the prison mesh fence. This compound mode strengthens preventives function. Panel, with small mesh size, can be fixed on a square post by spider clamp, bolts and nuts. Using flat bar to connect panel and post can be another installation that people considered. Finding ways to fix post, there are two methods can be illustrated. The first one if directly to bury it under the ground about 1meter. Another one is to weld a flange on the bottom of the post.

In sum of, prison mesh fencing can be various combinations. Our company, Skyhall, can offer you best service to tell you much more about this item. Thus, if you have any questions, please contact with us as soon as possible.


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