Pvc Coated Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is a favorite protection products, widely used in family and public area. The sharp point is an effective defense against invasion. It is more convenient and cheaper to install than razor wire.
Consider the different environment, different wire surface treatment is suitable for environment requirement. There are electro galvanized wire, hot dipped galvanized and PVC coated wire for choice. The PVC coated wire is the best, followed by hot dipped galvanized wire, electro galvanized wire. The inner wire of PVC coated barbed wire can use black annealed wire, electro galvanized wire and hot dipped galvanized wire three types.
PVC coated hot dipped galvanized barbed wire is usually used in harsh environments, such as the humid environment near the beach, often erode by acid rain and so on. The double layers of protection makes the rope more resistant to outside erosion. Due to more processing processes, the price is higher than ordinary galvanized barbed wire. But because of its superior corrosion resistance, the service life is much longer.
PVC coated barbed wire is also divided into PVC normal twisted barbed wire and PVC coated reverse twisted barbed wire. The main difference is the twist type. The barb wire of Normal twisted barbed wire wound round the main wire and a part of barb insert into them at same time. Reverse twisted barbed wire is the barb wire only wound round the main wire. The output of normal twisted PVC coated barbed wire is more than reverse twisted PVC coated barbed wire. So the normal twisted price is better, but reverse twisted has better shape.
Reverse PVC coated barbed wire has higher quality requirement. The barb must be twisted tight. Or it is easy to drop when unroll barbed wire.
Skyhall can make all types barbed wire as per customer’s requirement. We welcome your inquiry.

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