Quality Security Fencing

A quality security fencing has to be high security level, difficult for climbing over and damaging, so normal wire mesh fencing is not safe enough for reach that high security level. Skyhall fence professionally do quality security fencing manufacture and exporting business with 10 years experience. Our quality security fencing is combined with 358 high security fence panel with RHS post, clipped with a 12 fingers spider clamp and M8 anti theft bolts and nuts. In order to get higher security level, a V shape branch arm and barbed wire, concertina razor wire on top is necessary. Except increasing the security level on the top, also we need to add an additional panel under ground to stop animal or people digging hole to go through. A quality security fencing system should be strong enough to against damaging. The wire for panel should be 4mm wire diameter with mesh size 76.2mm * 12.7mm. In this wire diameter it is difficult to be cut and the mesh size 76.2mm * 12.7mm make the fingers can not go through mesh to hold it for climbing over. The welding strength for horizontal wire and vertical wire should be average minimum 75% of the tensile strength, so that if vehicle hit on the fence it will keep standing not falling down. Durable life time is an important thing for a quality security fencing. Hot dipped galvanized on the surface is not enough for a quality security fencing. We will make it polyester powder layer coated on the surface after galvanization to make sure the outside surface will not rusty even in wet or acid environment. Anti UV chemical powder is mixed in the polyester powder to against UN damaging, also it will help to keep the powder color looks fresh without fading. If you need quality security fencing system solution, please contact us.


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