The Component and the Type of the Razor Blade Wire

Razor blade wire, also call concertina razor wire, is a type of the defend wires. Different with other wires but show as its name, razor blade wire have a blade see as the razor, with four or eight sharp corner. Prevent people from climb over the fence or the wall.

Razor wire type into two style, BTO style and CBT style. What differs it it’s its blade. CBT blade type compares with BTO blade type usually have a rather bigger blade. And the BTO blade type is rather small. The second differences it’s its shape of the blade, you also can differ it from its sharp corner. Among them, BTO style razor wire is more common than CBT style. And BTO-22 is the most common razor blade wire you can find out.

First, let us know about the consist of the razor wire. A core wire and a blade, is the constitutive requirements of the razor blade wire. The blade covered the core wire to give the razor blade wire a sharp corner so that it can defend others from enter into the yard or factory. And the core wire give the razor wire a support, so that it can easily twist into loops. Usually, we twist the wire into loops so that it can be transport more easier and save the transport space. When it put to use, it will be stretched to ten meters or longer.

Second, let’s know some about the blade type. The blade type can roughly depart into three style. One of them is a blade with a shape like trapezoid, larger edge on the outside. Another one is two trapezoid joint with its shorter edge. The third type is a trapezoid with a lack of the longer edge, just like a concertina, and the sharp corner is some more than the other two.
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