Razor Mesh Fence

Razor mesh fence is welded by razor barbed tape, which have square mesh, and diamond mesh.

Because of high security ability, it is accept by more and more professional security field.

Razor mesh fence is a beautiful looking design for security field, which have very strong view effect when people see it, so it could avoid people try to go through the fence, the razor mesh fence is very dangerous to hurt people who want clamp it, but it is not strong enough, the mesh is very easy to be bend, so people use a steel frame on razor mesh panel, to make the panel strong enough and avoid any problem because of panel shape changed.

The razor mesh fence is made from galvanized material, and zinc coating could be from 10gram per square meter to 300gram per square meter, the heavy coating layer could protect the razor mesh panel avoid rust, but the edge of razor blade can not be protect by zinc, so rust is easy to start here, to avoid such issue, we can use stainless steel for the blade, but the cost will be highly increased, so people find another way, which is powder coating to protect the razor mesh panel, and the welding point will be well protect also by powder coating.

The razor mesh panel could be use along to other fence to make a whole and safety system, like the 358 fence, and palisade fence, which are strong enough and razor mesh panel and make the system more security, the most popular place for this fence is prison, boundary line and some industrial plant. All any other place which need high security level.

We can manufacturer and design razor mesh fence as request, if you need this fence, please contact with us for a one stop solution.


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