Razor tape as one of the fencing material, act like the blade to defend others’ intruding.

The razor tape organized in two major categories, one we called with BTO type, another is CBT type. CBT type have a larger blade than the BTO type. Usually there’s BTO-12, 22, 28, 30, four blade shape in BTO razor tape, and BTO-22 is the most usual one. As for CBT type, only two blade shape, CBT-60 and 65 in our market, and CBT-65 is more usual.

Except the blade type, when you are choosing a razor tape, you need also show us the outside diameter, it affect the height of the fencing you may prepare to build.

Razor tape is widely used around the world in today’s society. In airport, prison, normal community, factory and so on. when you walking througn a steet, you may see different size and tape of the razor tape. Some with colors like red and dark green, some with silver color. As to our suggestion, we usually suggest pre hot dipped galvanized razor tape for it’s the most usual one that we have export. Other’s like powder painted or will stainless steel material all with customers special requirements. If you just want the razor tape as a simply defending material putting on the top or bottom of other fencing seriers, pre hot dipped one is enough for your requirements. If you want razor tape as a specifical defending or act as a decorate, powder painted or stainless steel may more suitable. For it have better apperance and harder to be rusted and damaged.

To help you choose the razor tape more easily, we suggest with below specification.

Wire thickness: 2.5mm, blade thickness: 0.5mm, blade type: BTO-22, surface treatment: pre hot dipped galvanized.


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