Razor Wire Trellis

Razor wire trellis is a type of mesh screen. This screen is manufactured by Razor wire, which is used extensively for military, border control, and prison application worldwide.

Razor wire trellis is manufactured from barbed steel tape, wrapped around a wire core. Then these barbed steel taped were welded to diamond mesh and installed on the top of fence and wall. Then it becomes a aggressive and effective barrier, which is often used to prevent persons from gaining access to or used to keep people within, a defined area.

The specification elements of razor wire trellis usually include the length, width, hole size and razor type. There are many razor types for choice, such as BTO-10,BTO-15,BTO-18,BTO-22,BTO-28,BTO-30,CBT-60,CBT-65. BTO-22 and CBT-65 are most popular types. The size of BTO-22 is not big, the price is reasonable and becomes best seller. CBT-65 blade size is bigger than other types. The Barb length is around 60mm and Barb width is around 21mm.This kind of razor wire is more and more popular in market.

It is a good choice to install razor wire trellis on the fence or the top of wall. Because it is covered with sharp blade and two blades are close to each other, effectively prevent people from climbing and overturn the fence and wall. The sharp blade will strike terror into the hearts of thieves and criminals. The main material of Razor wire trellis is galvanized steel plate and stainless steel plate. The zinc of galvanized steel plate according to the need is from 15 grams to 300 grams. The stainless steel plate includes 302,304, 316, 316L for choice. The surface can also be sprayed. The sprayed surface treatment has a fairly good anti-corrosive ability, beautiful surface, good waterproof effect, convenient construction, economic and practical and other excellent characteristics.


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