Reinforcing Mesh

Reinforcing mesh also is called concrete mesh, concrete reinforcing welded wire mesh, reinforcing welded wire mesh and so on. Reinforcing mesh is that longitudinal rebar and transverse rebar are welded at a certain distance and mutually into right angles. The special GWC mesh machine is used for welding. The welding program is automatically controlled by the computer. The mesh holes are even and the welding quality is very good. The mechanical properties of steel bars are almost unchanged before or after welding.

According to the raw materials, Reinforcing mesh can be divided into cold-rolled Ribbed Reinforcing mesh, Hot- rolled Ribbed Reinforcing mesh and Cold Drawn plain round reinforcing mesh. In the three types, the Cold-rolled Ribbed Reinforcing mesh is the most widely used. By the steel Bar brand, diameter, length and distance, it can be divided into shaped reinforcing mesh and customized reinforcing mesh.

Reinforcing mesh is under strict quality control in the factory, manufactured by automatic and intelligent production line. The mesh size, the specification and quality of rebar are strictly controlled. It avoid the omission of artificial binding and cut corners occur. Good elasticity, uniform spacing,high strength of weld joint. Thus greatly improve the quality of the project. The longitudinal bars and transverse bars of reinforcing mesh form a mesh structure, so it has good bonding and anchoring performance with the concrete, and the load it bears is distributed evenly, which obviously improves the seismic cracking performance of the reinforced concrete structure. According to the actual test, the road laying reinforcing mesh can reduce the occurrence of the crack 75% more than the artificial binding mesh.There is no need to reprocess the steel mesh after it is delivered to the site, so there is no loss. And also greatly accelerate the construction progress and shorten the construction period.


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