Reno Mattress

Reno Mattress is a product which similar as Gabion Box, which is also produced by high tensile wire, according to different request of usage, the protect surface could be hot dipped galvanized or hot dipped galvanized and PVC coated.

The biggest difference between Reno Mattress and Gabion box is the size of cell, Reno mattress is much lower than gabion and wider and longer, which have all the advantage of gabion box, for some river which is not so strong flow, the Reno Mattress is much more popular because the cost is lower than gabion. As the height is lower, so much material is saved.

Some popular specification of Reno Mattress as below:

Mesh size: 60mmx80mm, 80mmx100mm, 100mmx120mm.

The joint wire part can not be less than 50mm, to protect the zinc layer and PVC layer.

  1. Wire diameter: there is three type wire to make the mattress
  2. Selvedge wire, popular diameter is 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 3.7mm. Selvedge wire is edge of mattress panel, which is thicker than mesh wire and tie wire.
  3. Mesh wire, which is most important of Reno Mattress, around 90% mattress is mesh wire.The popular size is 2.2mm, 2.5mm, 3.0, 3.2mm.
  4. Tie wire, as it`s name, the tie wire is used to tie the mattress together, so it is thinner than selvedge wire and mesh wire, to make joint work easier.
  5. As the mattress need hold position of rocks, so the tensile strength of wire should be high.

Normally, the tensile strength should not be less than 380Mpa.

  1. Surface treatment is also important for Reno Mattress, as the mattress is used in water, and

some place near water, so it should be have a strong ability against rust. There is several

popular surface treatment as below:

  1. Hot dipped galvanized, the coating should be above 200g per square meter,
  2. Hot dipped galvanized and PVC coating, which is most popular size and have strongest

ability against rust.

  1. On some special field, Galfan wire is request for Reno Mattress, which is coating by zinc

and aluminum, but the cost is very high.

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