Reverse Twisted Barbed Wire

As the first choice of protection products. Barbed wire is more convenient to install with lower price than Razor barbed wire. So it is used more frequently.

According to the twisted way, Barbed wire can be divided to Normal twisted and reverse twisted. Due to the quantity of twisted wire, it can be divided to single barbed wire and double twisted barbed wire and multi-strand barbed wire. As per the treatment of wire, it can be divided into electro galvanized barbed wire, hot dipped galvanized barbed wire and PVC coated wire. Depend on the wire material, it can use low carbon steel wire, high carbon steel wire and stainless steel wire.

Normal twisted barbed wire is the barb wire wound round the main wire and a part of barb insert into them at same time. Reverse twisted barbed wire is the barb wire only wound round the main wire and have better shape.

In the last two years, the reverse twisted barbed wire began to be recognized by domestic users, which only produced for foreign orders. The BWG12 normal twisted barbed wire was the standard of highway construction in the past years. It changes a lot recently. After comparing many years, reverse twisted barbed wire is better than the BWG12 normal twisted barbed wire. Not only in use life, and also in tensile strength, against rust and price. As per save more than 2000 RMB per kilometer, it will reduce a lot of money. Because project always need dozens of kilometers or hundreds of kilometers. Furthermore, Reverse twisted barbed wire obviously more beautiful than normal twisted barbed wire. It is going to replaced the normal twisted. The development prospect is huge.

Skyhall can make all types barbed wire as per customer’s requirement. We welcome your inquiry.


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