Roll Top Fencing – An Overview

Roll top fencing is a very special type of welded wire mesh fence, it’s also called BRC Fence. This kind of fencing doesn’t have folding like welded mesh fence. But the character for this fencing type is its toll top. There are one roll top in both the top and bottom. The roll top on roll top fencing serve as two purposes. One is that it makes the fencing more beautiful. Second it makes the fencing panels even stronger.

Roll top fencing may not be as popular as welded mesh fencing but it’s a kind of new product in the fencing market. It starts to gain people’s attention in recent years. Now let’s talk more about this fencing type. The main market for roll top fencing is Singapore and South Asian market. The most common wire diameter in manufacturing is 3.0mm to 5.0mm. The fencing panels are treated with galvanization and powder coating process. These two kinds of surface treatment is very important for anti-corrosion purpose. And the powder coating has a lot colors customers can choose from. The most common one though is dark green. The RAL value for this color is RAL 6005 for your reference.

The mesh size is very flexible. The most common width of the fencing panels of the roll top fencing is however 2.5 meters. The height of the fencing panels is however can be customized. The most common mesh size is 50mm by 150mm. The best part of the mesh fencing is that they are good looking and seeing through panels.

Skyhall Fence offers 10 years limited warranty for our 130 Series roll top fencing product. If you have a project that needs a lot of roll top fencing panels, and a limited budget, then you can come to us. We can offer you the best solution.

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