Rural Fencing

Although rural fencing was originally intended to keep animal penned in, its effect is helping it gain ground in the residential market, such as football  or basketball sports ground. According to different uses, we can do the different joints. Usually rural fencing is made by hot-dipped galvanized and zinc coated is 60-100g/sqm. But the requirement of zinc coated is higher in wet areas, under normal conditions, the zinc coated can reach 230g/sqm. In Africa, the customers focus more on the price, so the horizontal wire and vertical wire use galvanized hard wire. The strength stress of horizontal wire and vertical wire is 350-500 MPA. The strength stress of stay wire is also 350-500 MPA. The above specifications apply only to Africa.

The high quality of rural fencing is made by high carbon steel wire in horizontal wire and low carbon galvanized wire. The strength stress of horizontal wire can achieve more than 1100 MPA. The strength stress of vertical wire and stay wire is the same as the general specification. The selvedge wires, as well as some intermediate line wires, may consist of larger diameter wire than other line wires and picket wires. In an erected fence on horizontal land, the horizontal wires are the line wires and the vertical wires are the picket wires. General inquiry will write 6/70/30. It means that “6” is total number of longitudinal wires, “70” is equal to 700mm, which represents fence height. “30” is nominal spacing of transverse wires (pickets). The number of  longitudinal wires equals lines wires plus selvedge wires. The fabric width includes the selvedge wires, but excludes the picket-joint projections.

In addition, Skyhall Fence also produces other kinds of fences, for example, welded mesh fence, anti-climb fence, airport fence, chain link fence and so on. We are a company professionally do wire mesh fencing manufacture and exporting.


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