Self Lock Fence

 Self lock fence is a convenient design for installation. Construction team does not need any clamp for fittings to install the panel on post. Self lock fence is a popular design globally especially in Middle East area. Skyhall Fence is a approved supplier for self lock fence in Ashghal’s vender list. Stable quality and reliable reputation make our self lock fence has a good market overboard.

The panel for self lock fence is made from low carbon steel wire. Usually come with mesh size 200mm * 65mm. Our welding shear strength for self lock fence panel comply to EN-10223-8 European Standard, with welding strength average 75% of the raw material tensile strength maximum force, minimum welding strength not less than 50% of the raw material tensile strength. In order to make the panel looks special, there are two design type on the top of the panel, diamond top and spear top. If user prefer to make panel stronger, additional horizontal wire on panel is available to make it double wire welded mesh panel.

The unique design for self lock fence is the self lock post. It does not need any clamp or bolts & nuts to assemble the panel. The self lock post is formed by galvanized steel plate and punched with hooks. The hooks will hold the edge wire on panels and lock it automaticly. The installation of self lock fence has to be installed one panel by one post, and this become to be the only disadvantage of self lock fence installation.

Usually the surface treatment of self lock fence is by pre hot dipped galvanized raw material then do the polyester powder coating after fabrication. All color in Ral color system is available for choice.

Our quality control team guarantee the whole production process of self lock fence strictly comply to European Standard. If need any technical support or quotation, please contact us through email for further information.


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