Singapore BRC Mesh Fence

Singapore BRC Mesh Fence is also called as BRC Wire Mesh Fence, SSM Fence, rolled top Fence is a new trend for fencing industry in recent year. And it is the leading fence in Singapore. Hebei Skyhall Metal Fence Company exported this kind of fence to Singapore many times, mainly in schools, parks, private gardens. In order to give you a better understanding of BRC Mesh Fence, I will introduce this fence.


Singapore BRC Mesh Fence is mainly in the following aspects. The first is panel mesh such as the mesh size, width and height, and wire diameter. Mesh Size is mainly 50*150mm. Of course, if you provide the data of hole size, we will respect your request. Regarding the width and height. The usual width is 2000mm and 2400mm. And the height is from 1050mm to 2100mm, the height difference is 150mm. For the wire diameter, we generally recommend 4.0mm, 4.5mm and 5.0mm. The second is the post. Singapore BRC Mesh Fence usually uses 50mm round post, 60mm round post and 60mm square post. The last part is accessories. Metal V-Clamp or PVC Clamp connect panel mesh and post. The cap are PVC Cap or Metal Cap. Our customers like hot-dipped galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized + polyester powder coated.


After the detail specification, I have to say the advantages. Singapore BRC Mesh Fence is durable, easily installed and customized to the preferences of our customers. For durable part, it is pre-welded, the panels and fence posts are either hot-dipped galvanized or polyester powder coated, making to the durability of the fence and require minimal maintenance. The installation method only connects the panel and post using the clamp. The posts are also pre-drilled and ready for assembly on site.


At present, Singapore BRC Mash Fence is best seller. If you know this kind of fence, welcome to your inquiries. If you are some questions for this fence, don’t hesitate, please email to us. I will reply you as soon as possible.


Hebei Skyhall Metal Fence is professional for the Singapore BRC Mesh Fence.


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