Single Strand Barbed Wire

Among the protective products, the barbed wire is the most common one. You can find it everywhere, in War movies, prisons, the top of highway fence and houses wall. The sharp barb play a very good role in protection and deterrence. And the cost per meter is much cheaper than the razor wire, so it is widely used. According to the number of main wires in the middle, barbed wire can be divded into single strand barbed wire, double strands barbed wire, triples stands barbed wire.

When install barbed wire, the tensile strengthen of the intermediate wire needs to be considered.Different projects, different requirements. Therefore, the diameter of the main wire in the middle is usually not less than of the barb. Especially for the single strand barbed wire, it has only one wire in the middle, which has to bear enough tensile force. So the material requirement of single strand barbed wire will be higher than the others. The middle diameter of single strand barbed wire is usually much larger than that of barb. For ordinary family house, low carbon barbed wire can meet requirements. When project install with high requirements, the middle wire material ask for high carbon steel wire, such as the border, prison protection. These places will use high carb steel wire, snake shaped crossing install in large diameter, fixed with metal clips. This installation effectively blocks illegal access. Sharp barb cannot only stab the person who is not in line with the rules, but also threaten the installation workers. So special attention should be paid to safety during installation. Usually two or three people are required to wear thick cotton gloves for barbed wire setting.

Barbed wire also can be divided into normal twisted barbed wire and reverse twisted barbed wire by twisted terms.


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