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Single Wire Panel

ecSingle wire panels have been known for a number of years. According to Bernstein, in Jan 29, 1969, discloses single wire panels which may be connted to a series of upright posts to form a fence. Such prior art panels are composed of upright steel wires of circular cross section welded to horizontal steel wires. To provide a sturdy fence made of such single wire panel, the wires must be of relatively large diameter, or else the horizontal and vertical wires must be relatively closely-spaced throughout the panels. The larger diameter wires make the fence expensive, and the closely-spaced grid pattern of smaller wires makes such fences not easy for small children to climb.

After Bernstein, single wire panels have been developed, which means it was designed some bending in single wire panel by people. This made it have a much better modeling. Of course, processing technic also is improved by people due to model changes for single wire panel. What does this mean? In Bernstein period, single wire panel was not only used welded processing, but also it added bending processing. Of course, this kind of renewal panel would be charged more than the old series.

Meanwhile, people have found that an improved welded wire fence can be made of weldable wires which have been cold-drawn into a noncircular cross sectional shape, the orientation of which varies helically along the length of the wire. Besides producing processing, people were paid more attention on panel’s appearance which means how to change it from the single color. Thus, people began to work in color. There are many colors can be choice, such as RAL-6005, RAL- 9005, etc. Since it became a colorful item, the ornamental value has also increased.

In conclusion, I have introduced single wire panel simply in the above words, if you have any other questions, please visit our company’s, Skyhall Metal Fence Co., Ltd, website, www, As there, you will get more details about this item.


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