Steel Barrier Fencing from Skyhall fence

In recent years steel barrier fencing was known for more and more people as a popular fence. Barrier Steel Fencing also called temporary fence, also called construction fence. It is popular in the word. The size we can make it according to your requirement, because we have professional design team and responsible worker. Now let me introduce steel barrier fencing.

Steel barrier fencing have many advantages is worth you to choose. It is easy installation and mobility. We usually find this kind of fence in construction site, sometimes it is usually for temporary protection. We can also use it for temporary isolation in the airport or large playgrounds. It is wildly used in these fields.

Usually we recommend the specifications of barrier steel fencing as follows:
Height is 1500mm ,Width is 2500mm,Frame diameter:40 mm. Inside pipe diameter:25mm

The surface treatment is coated by electric galvanized+polyester powder coated, we can make different base foot according to your need. If you have not idea about steel barrier fencing, It doesn’t matter we will design it for you and we can provide satisfied drawing for you . It is popular not only because its decoration function but also for its nice appearance and widely application.

Because of barrier steel fence panels grid structure concise, beautiful and practical, have the ability to protect for life, in addition, combined with the characteristics of steel barrier fence is easy for installation, it much used in many field in different countries.

Our steel barrier export to many counties and regions in all around the world and the popularity has prove our product quality. We have got CE Certificate for our product, the quality is good as well as the price.

If you need any help about the barrier steel fence, please contact us

Skyhall Fence has been known for more and more client from different countries. Our success on account of our good reputation.

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