Steel Palisade Fence

Steel palisade fence in origin from Europe, people use wooden picket to make palisade fence, but it is easy to be damaged and can not use for a long time. As steel is more and more popular and cost get lower, people use it to produce the palisade fence, which is more beautiful and easier to produce.

Steel palisade fence have three part, Post, rail and pales. As the palisade should be very strong,  so people use IPE post for the fence, and angle steel for rail, which is basic structure of fence. The pales have three type, one is D section type, another one is W section type, also angel steel could be used for pale. Both D section and W section need special mould to roll the shape, meanwhile angle steel pale could use normal size on market.

Steel palisade fence normally coated with high zinc coating, above 70 microns, which ensure the fence won’t rust for a long time, as least ten years in normal environment as per experience. And steel palisade fence also could be coated with powder coating to make the fence more beautiful. And this will also help to protect fence against rust.

As mentioned, steel palisade fence is very strong, so there is much more material needed for the fence, and it is much heavier than other fence in liner meters, which makes the price of steel palisade fence much higher than wire fence, around 2 or 3 times than normal wire fence, so palisade fence is only use in some special area, which need high security request, the main market of steel palisade fence is Africa, mid east and Australia.

Skyhall fence is a professional manufacturer of steel palisade fence, we have full auto machine for pale production, and we can produce as request.


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