Stock Proof Camel Fence

Stock proof camel fence is a kind of economic fence system for stop animals. It is widely used in global market for farm, road side and country boundary. The stock proof camel fence consists of several part, mesh roll, intermedia post, straining / corner / end post, brace support, clips and wirevise. The mesh is woven by high tensile steel wire for horizontal line and low tensile iron wire for vertical lines. In order to make the mesh more durable with longer lifetime. Skyhall fence suggest make the wire surface to be hot dipped galvanized or zinc alloyed coated comply to European standard EN-10244-2. The mesh size of stock proof fence is the most special design for it. Mesh size in the bottom will be smaller and top will be bigger. Smaller size mesh for stopping the small animals. Big size mesh for saving cost of raw material. The post for stock proof camel fence usually is European Standard IPE profile such as IPE-80 and IPE-120. Supporting brace can be angle steel size 80mm * 40mm with 6mm thickness. Post and supporting structure with heavy duty hot dipped galvanization comply to BS-EN-1461. Another special design for stock proof camel fence system is the wirevise accessories. It is made from aluminum material with a hook inside. The direction of wire going through wirevise will be one way direction, once the wire go inside of the wirevise, then it will not able to go back again, and that is the key for locking and tensioning the horizontal wires on the mesh. Skyhall fence is a professional stock proof fence manufacture based in China with 10 years production and exporting experience. If you have any stock proof camel fencing project need a manufacture to cooperated, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We will provide perfect quality, competitive price and best service.


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