Stone Cage Net

Stone cage net also is called gabion cage, gabion box and gabion mesh. Actually it is a heavy type of Hexagonal steel wire netting. The mesh size usually is 60mm, 80mm, 100mm and 120mm. The netting shall be fabricated from zinc or zinc alloy coated wire with or without organic coating.

Stone cage net can be divided to four types by its applications.

Let me introduce one type of stone cage net firstly.  The Stone cage net is cut and folded by heavy hexagonal steel wire netting. Generally fold and assemble by 4 pieces of wire netting, a large hexagonal net fold into a large cuboid, the middle with a wire netting diaphragm. Stone cage net can be made into a triangle and trapezoid. Such a dam built with these stone cage has an inclined plane. Stone cage net mainly is used in the water conservancy project retaining wall. Stone cage net retaining wall is made of stone cage piled up in 0.5m to 1.0m retaining wall. Stone cage retaining wall is mainly used for steep slopes, the role is to control debris flow, prevent landslides, highway, and railway embankment protection and so on. Choose stone cage net because it has a unique ecological function. A little soil on the surface of the protective body can be used for afforestation. Since the stones are full of space between them, the space contains soil, which is conducive to the development of plant roots and creates a good ecological environment. Even without soil, the Spaces between the stones can become silt over time, allowing some herbs to grow, creating a natural ecological environment. Stone cage production is completed, in order to save volume, can be bundled compression packaging.

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