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steel barrier fencing

Steel Barrier Fencing

Steel Barrier Fencing from Skyhall fence In recent years steel barrier fencing was known for more and more people as a popular fence. Barrier Steel Fencing also called temporary fence, also called construction fence. It is popular in the word. The size we can make it according to your requirement, because we have professional design team and responsible worker. Now..

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metal crowd barriers

Metal Crowd Barriers

Select a Proper Metal Crowd Barriers – Skyhall Fence Metal crowd barriers is a kind of defend fence, usually, it is used to protect people from crowed places through holding an order. With time flies, the population of the world is in a rising trend. People are willing to spending money and time traveling everywhere, meanwhile most of them also..

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galvanized steel barrier

Galvanized Steel Barrier

Galvanized Steel Barrier We Skyhall Fencing system has a good kind of steel barrier called high quality hot dipped galvanized steel barrier. Galvanized steel barrier has other kinds of name like crowd control steel barrier, bike rack barriers, crowd control barricade, flexible horse fence, mojo barricade, pipe corral fence panels, railings and gates residential, road..

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security barricades

Security Barricades

Security Barricades Security barricades is one of the security products in Skyhall Fencing, which have the advantage of portable and friendly. The security barricades are to make people security and make the crowd separate, the shopping mall or the movie theater are using the security barricades more. For the security barricades are very friendly in..

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steel barricades

Steel Barricades

Brief introduction of hot dipped galvanized steel barricades from Skyhall Fence Hot dipped galvanized steel barricades are very common in the people living places. Steel barricades also called crowd control steel barrier. It also called steel temporary fence. Steel barricades are widely used in many different areas. There is high demand of this kind of..

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galvanized steel temporary fencing

Galvanized Steel Temporary Fencing

Galvanized Steel Temporary Fencing Galvanized steel temporary fencing is one of the most widely used type of steel fencing in the global market. The galvanized steel temporary fencing is usually made by low carbon steel round pipes, with a bigger diameter pipe to be the frame and a smaller diameter to be the inside pipes…

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temporary crowd control barriers

Temporary crowd control barriers

Temporary crowd control barriers Temporary crowd control barriers are a kind of portable fence in the Skyhall fence family. One of its feature is portable. The security factor of the temporary crowd control barriers is not very high. People even can jump over the fence. Its height is usually 1-1.5m, which is not very hard to cross. The..

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galvanized steel temporary fencing

Crowd Barriers

Skyhall Fence can provide kinds of metal fence, such as the palisade fence, picket fence, double wire fence, 358 high security fence, welded wire mesh fence, wire mesh portable fence and crowd barriers. Today, I will introduce the crowd barrier to you. Brief introduction of the crowd barriers from Skyhall Fence The crowd barriers has..

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steel crowd control barriers

Steel Crowd Control Barriers

Steel crowd control barriers is a very popular metal fencing product all over the world. There are a lot of places that need temporary isolation. Especially when it comes to temporary event, the demands for temporary fence is high. And steel crowd control barriers is just the most popular and common temporary fencing you can..

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crowd control fencing

Crowd Control Fencing – An Introduction

Crowd Control Fencing – An Introduction Crowd control fencing has a lot of names, crowd control barrier, temporary fencing, portable fencing and street barrier, etc. The main purpose of the crowd control fencing is to separate people to walk in order. The specification of crowd control fencing is easy to understand. Normally the height of..

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