Production Process and Function of Temporary Construction Fence Panels

Temporary construction fence panels also called portable fence, construction temporary barriers or construction fence. Its main function is for warn and protect people far away from construction site. Today we are going to talk about some details of production process and function of temporary construction fence panels.

The main panel of temporary construction fence production process is similar with other kinds of welded mesh fence panels. After booking the low carbon steel wire material, then we need to draw it to normal 3.0mm or 3.5mm wire thickness for preparing next welding process. We need to test and change the machine to be 200mm*50mm mesh size usually. After welding it to be panel, need to manually welding the panel onto a frame which is usually welded by 32mm round pipe. Then the hot dipped galvanized or galvanized + powder coated surface treatment in the last. Regarding the production process of the base foot, we have two types material which are metal material foot and plastic material base foot. Metal base foot is welded manually. Plastic material base foot production need to create a mould, heat the PP anti-UV plastic material and put it in the mould to make the shape of foot. There is a hole on the plastic foot for make water inside to increase the weight of the foot.

The main function of temporary construction fence panels is to separate people close to the construction site. Sometimes there are some small stuffs such as small piece of concrete will fall down during construction of a building. If the samll piece of concrete or stone is falling down from high floor, the powder of it will be increase to very strong to enough for killing a person. Keeping people far away from construction site is the main function, it will protect people to safety. Also there is another important feature of temporary construction fence panels which is can be movable easily. Sometimes construction staffs works very effective and will finish a construction work in a place with very short time. To build fence surround it will cost more money and need to uninstall it after work. Temporary construction fence panels can be recycled after work and move it to another construction place easily.

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