Temporary Fencing Panel from Skyhall Fence

Temporary fencing panel also called portable Construction fence, also called street barrier, also called isolation fence. This kind of fence have many advantages which is easy installation It does not need the clamps and bolts and nuts to fix the wire mesh panel to the post.

and easy mobility. Usually we can see temporary fence in the building site for safety. The function is temporary protection, sometimes we use temporary fencing panel as isolation in the public place and it is widely use in many place, such large sports play ground, in the airport or many pace as a tool for installation. Temporary fencing panel usually surface treatment is coated by electric galvanized +polyester powder coated.

Temporary fence is one of the products in SKYHALL FENCE, We professionally produce different metal fence, temporary fence is economical fence, and have nice appearance we can produce it according to your requirement. If you have no idea about temporary fence we have professional design team to design nice type for your choice. Temporary fencing panel has glorious market because it is popular in the world and was widely used in many field. Therefor your choice for temporary fence is right. It will have great function in our life to make our life more better.

The temporary fence we produced is constructed by the welded wire mesh panel, metal clamp and removable plastic foot or metal removable foot. So it is easy installation. The temporary fence from Skyahll Fence have good quality and reasonable price, it is not include the post , because there is a frame formed of round tube which is welded with panel(it can also be square pipe. There are different type for the pipe. The round pipe is mainly export to the Australia market and the square pipe is mainly export to the Canada market.

If you need temporary fencing panel, SKYHALL FENCE is a good choice. There are professional service team waiting for you.

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