Traffic Control Barrier

Traffic control barrier is one of the best selling fence product in global market. Mostly used in commercial area. It is the 710 product series in Skyhall fence products.

There are two main parts of the traffic control barrier. First part is the main panel. The panel is different from other type of wire mesh fencing because there is not any wire mesh in the panel. Outside of panel is the frame made from round pipe, usually pipe diameter 25mm / 32mm / 42mm, welded with smaller round pipe inside to be the barrier, the infilled small round pipe diameter usually are 10mm / 16mm / 20mm. No matter outside frame or inside pipe, Skyhall will make sure they are fully welded to ensure its strength. Another main part of the traffic control barrier is the base foot. Its the bottom of the panel to make sure the panel can stand up but also with easy move function. Usually the base foot also made from round pipe, same pipe diameter with outside frame.

The installation of traffic control barrier is very simple and easy. There are two hooks on the side of the panel, and also there are two rings on the other side of panel. For traffic control barrier installation, installation team do not need any tools or fittings, just insert the hook in to the ring in next panel.

This type of barrier also called temporary fence barrier or crowded control barrier, mostly used in commercial area like shopping mall, stadium, parking area or on crowded street. Skyhall fence has 10 year experience for producing traffic control barrier and already exported to 62 countries in the world. All our production process will follow European standard. If you need any technical assistance on fencing product or need any quotation from Skyhall. Please contact us through email or phone call.


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