Typical Security Fence

Typical security fence is one of the most high security level fence system in the world. Its first design from the united states. The typical security fence also called high security fence, 358 fence, anti-climb fence or anti-cut fence.

Typical security fence panel is welded from 4.0mm low carbon steel wire with mesh size 76.2mm * 12.7mm. 4.0mm wire diameter is no.8 gauge in wire gauge system, 76.2mm is 3 inches, 12.7mm is 0.5 inch. And above data (3’’ / 0.5’’ / Gauge 8) make its name to be 358 fence. The typical security fence usually installed with square hollow section (SHS) post or rectangle hollow section (RHS). Most popular post size are 60mm * 60mm SHS / 80mm * 80mm SHS or 80mm * 60mm RHS. the installation for panel and post can be very easy. First we need to set up an insert nut on the post, which will be already done before we dispatch the goods. Secondly, the installation team need to set up the bolts into the insert nut with going through an spider clam. This spider clamp will hold the wire on the panel on both side of the post. The surface treatment is the most important process of typical security fence, because this will influence its life time directly. Skyhall fence surface treatment of typical security fence will make pre hot dipped galvanized layer on the steel first, then we make full process of polyester powder coated. The color can be all colors in RAL color system.

Typical security fence usually will be set up in airport, military zone, prison wall or other are needs to have higher security level. If you have any project needs typical security fence, please contact us through email or calling. Skyhall will do best to help on technical issue and typical security fence supply.


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