Welded Gabion

Gabion gabion includes two types, hexagonal wire mesh gabion cage and welded mesh gabion cages. Both of them can load with stone, but the production process is very different. Let’s introduce welded gabion this time.

Welded gabion net use high quality low carbon steel wire as material, in strict accordance with BS1052:1986 standard through automation, precision, accurate mechanical equipment welding processing forming, using electric galvanized. Hot galvanized, plastic coating, and galfan process surface passivation, plasticization treatment. Welded gabion is the use of spiral wire binding welding forming front and rear panels, floor and partition assembly after compression, and the mesh cover together with the packaging of the net.

All the stone cage products folded and bound are an independent individual.

Welded gabion surface is smooth and neat with uniform mesh and solid solder joint, which has a strong fastness, corrosion resistance, permeability and integrity and other advantages. It become a good choice of garden and slope greening depend on the low cost and easy to install. Welded gabion has strong ability to resist natural damage and adverse weather effects and excellent tensile strength.

Comparing with Hexagonal wire mesh gabion cage, welded gabion installation is simpler, faster and more convenient. Furthermore, beautiful structure, saving time and labor, high efficiency. Welded gabion installation time is less than hexagonal wire mesh gabion 40%. Besides that, welded gabion can better keep cage shape when filled full, no convex ,no concave and keep flat still, unlike hexagonal wire mesh gabion drum up. Sp it can better connect with other welded gabion boxes and form to a whole wall.

Welded gabion is widely used in foreign countries, mainly used for park landscape modeling, building external walls, outsourcing business construction. Application example: Shell office wall decoration, China is now mainly used in urban landscape, park landscape. Welded gabion construction structure is simple, beautiful, low cost and easy to install, which is good choice for garden decoration and slope protection greening.

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