A Sinple Introduction of Welded Mesh Security Fencing

Welded mesh security fencing is one of our main products. It is very popular all over the world. Not only because welded mesh security fencing is an economical fence system but also for the reason that welded mesh fence is widely used in many fields.

The panel is welded with high quality low carbon steel wire, forming a solid fence. Usually the panels are connected using square post, peach post, swallow tail post, etc. For most applications, the post will be buried into the ground, metal clamps or anti-UV plastic clamps are being used to fasten the panels onto the posts.

The height we can produce is in a range between 1030mm to 2230mm. Common surface treatment are hot dipped galvanization or pre hot dipped galvanization with polyester powder coating. Different colors are OK to produce according to customers’ requirements.

Welded mesh security fencing has a simple structure and good-looking appearance, also the installation is easy, therefore welded mesh security fencing is becoming more and more popular in the international market as a metal fence system.

Welded mesh security fencing is widely used in our surrounding areas. Some people use it to surround a area to protect people from illegally trespassing. We can see it in railway and highway too. Some people also use it to fence their gardens. Welded mesh fence is easy to maintain.

Welded mesh security fencing can also fence commercial buildings. It has customized colors and natural folds which seems simple but elegance.

Free design are provided for you according to your specific requirement. If you have no idea which fence system do you need it’s OK, we can help you with it. Welded mesh security fencing system comes with a mature design and proven popularity among it’s users. If you find this product interesting, please send us an email and let us know.

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