Welded Razor Wire Mesh

Welded razor wire mesh is a very high level security fence system. This type of fence is not common in the market because of it does not come with the friendly looking and there are very less area need such high security level protection. Welded razor wire mesh normally used in military zone, prison or others dangerous area need top level security. Because of its sharp blade on whole panel, its really not suitable for city fence.

Welded razor wire mesh has a very special type of fence panel, welded from low carbon steel wire and razor wire. Horizontal wire normally is the galvanized wire and vertical wire is razor wire. The razor wire for panel can be many type of razor blade such as BTO-10 / BTO-22 / BTO-25 / BTO-30 / CBT-60 / CBT-65. In all above razor blade type, BTO-22 is the most popular choice in the market. Core wire diameter of the razor is 2.5mm and blade thickness is 0.5mm. Mesh size 100mm * 50mm is the most common size for welded razor wire mesh. The zinc coating layer in welding point between horizontal steel wire and vertical razor wire will be destroyed, so we suggest to make a polyester powder coating outside to cover the welding point. Self lock peach post is the best choice for welded razor wire mesh. The installation process will be much easier if it come with self lock peach post. There will not be any accessories needed for self lock post. If you need to make the welded razor wire mesh fence to be colorful, which is also available. All the color in the Ral system will be possible to coated on the welded razor wire mesh. Make color on it will be helpful for the fence hidden in the environment. For example if coated with dark green color Ral-6005, it will helpful for hidden in the forest and if coated with beige color Ral-1001 will helpful for hidden in the desert.

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