Welded Wire Mesh Fence – An Introduction

Welded wire mesh fence is a basic type of wire mesh fence in Skyhall Fence product range. As an economic and effective type of fencing, welded wire mesh fence keeps the most popular fence type for many years.


In the Skyhall Fence product 100 series, welded wire mesh fence have 5 main types, which are 110 – series welded mesh fence, 120 – series euro fence, 130 – series BRC fence, 140 – series double wire fence and 150 – series 358 high security fence.


Each series has its advantage. and disadvantages. 110 – series welded mesh fence is one of the most economic but also very effective and common type. 120 -series euro fence even cost much lower than 110 series, and this point make it widely used in highway or boundary. 130 – series BRC fence is mainly used in south east Asia market. 140 series – double wire fence is very strong with max 8mm wire diameter, but price is comparing higher than other types. 150 series – 358 high security fence is also very strong because of its small mesh size, and come with anti-cut & anti-climb function. Also the price of it is much higher than other types.


The above five series we introduced is all belong to welded wire mesh fence. Production process of them are all need to draw the wire to suitable wire diameter and then welding to mesh. Surface treatment will be done in the end after welding. Hot dipped galvanized (zinc layer mass min 505g/m2) and galvanized + polyester powder coated is common type of surface treatment.


However, hot dipped galvanized surface treatment is a little bit more durable than the polyester powder coated, but polyester powder coated is able to bring colorful world to the fence. If you need to know more about Skyhall welded wire mesh fence, please contact us by email anytime.


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