High Quality Woven Wire Fences of SKYHALL FENCE

Woven wire fences also called field fence. Nowadays it is known for more and more people. Woven wire fence is produced in a wide selection according to its height , width and mesh size, wire diameter. At bottom of wove wire fence with small mesh size to prevent small animal through it. For increasing the tension, we designed hinge-lock knot in this way it can support fiercely collision of the animal.

Such as horse, goat,cattle. With the change of the season, woven wire fences also expanding or contracting under different weather, Woven wire fences was made to be a solid structure for application in any hard condition, we will produce different specification according to your need and provide good service after sell. Woven wire fence raising horses,cattle, goat ,hogs and other large animals.

Woven wire fence an be easily installed and keep maintain. It is easily transport because we manufacture it into roll.Woven wire fences is economical for people who raise large animal, because this kind of fence use more little raw than other metal fence. Therefore woven wire is best choice for more and more people to raise large animal. IF you know a little about woven wire fences but you want to purchase it. You have no idea. It does not matter, we have professional design team help you. We will design reasonable kind for your choice.

Our metal fence is popular in many countries exporting to many counties and region in North and south America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Middle East.

We have strictly inspection during the product produce and our product have good quality and reasonable price. We can design for your choice, we make fence perfect and have rich experience in metal fence. If you want get nice fence, please contact us, do not hesitate, make an inquiry today.

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