Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought Iron Fence become more and more popular in global market. With its unique artistic charm, environment protection and safety features, it is increasingly accepted and loved by people. In urban and rural areas, in public buildings and private homes, can be seen everywhere in the form of a variety of beautiful.

Wrought iron fence is the one of best-selling fencing series of Skyhall Metal Fence. It is producing from several parts: rail pipe, picked pipe, post and metal clamp. Usually the picked pipe uses the small tube. The rail pipe is square tube. General speaking, the spacing between picked pipe and picked pipe is 155 mm. There are different ways to fix the picked pipe and rail pipe, one is point welding, the other use plastic clip. No matter which kind fixed form, we advise that the surface treatment is hot-dipped galvanized + polyester coated. In order to pleasing to the eye, some wrought iron fences are patterned on them. This kind of fence requires a complex production process. Even thought the production process is complex, the installation is very easy. It simply uses the metal clamp to fix the panels and posts. Usually our package is iron pallet then plastic bag.

Main market of wrought iron fence are Europe, America and South East Asia. At present, it becomes the mainstream fence used in residential area. Skyhall Metal Fence is a company professionally do wire mesh fencing manufacture and exporting. Since we do export business, we finished many projects during 9 years such as community renew project in Australia, entertainment center project in Sweden and so on. With the market demand, Skyhall fence will design the new different kinds of fence. If you need any more information or need any technical support. Please hesitate to email us or phone call. Looking forward to further correspondence in this regard. Thank you.


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